Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

Part of the Prime Minister portfolio and a Federal authority, also called DPMC

The central role of the department is to support the Prime Minister and assist in achieving a coordinated approach to the development and implementation of Australian government policies.

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Your reminder to the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet with respect to my request. Yours sincerely, Vito Guzzardi
Our reference: RQ17/00561 Agency reference: FOI/2017/004 Mr William Summers   By email: [1][FOI #2934 email] Dear Mr Summers Extension of t...
'Nanny state' social media policy at DPM&C
Response by Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet to James Smith on .

Waiting clarification.

UNCLASSIFIED Dear Mr Smith   Please find attached an estimate of charges for your FOI request reference FOI/2016/155.   Regards   France...
I refer to an article in the Australian Financial Review dated 26 August 2016 in which it is stated that the "Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has wr...
Dinner Functions
Follow up sent to Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet by alan cole on .

Long overdue.

I withdraw my FOI request from 10 November 2015 for documents about dinner functions. In the place of my FOI request I would like to ask you exami...
Carbon Tax distribution

Waiting clarification.

UNCLASSIFIED Good afternoon Chris Pirina,   Please see attached correspondence in relation to your FOI request with the Department of the Prime...
Dear Locutus Sum Thank you for the lead on the Hawke Report. I have downloaded a copy. Other FOI Applicants should also download a copy as it is a...
SPC workers' conditions

Waiting clarification.

UNCLASSIFIED Dear Ms Kingston   The Department would like to process your refund.   We look forward to hearing from you in relation to the be...

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