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Part of the Immigration & Border Protection portfolio and a Federal authority

Requests for personal documents, documents of a party political nature, or documents held in the minister’s capacity as a local member of parliament are likely to be refused. See the Information Commissioner guidelines for more details. Also, it might be easier and more direct to go to the minister's agency instead.

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FOI Request - Media Requests
Response by Minister for Home Affairs to Andorra Loom on .

Awaiting classification.

OFFICIAL Dear Andorra   Reference: MO22/11/0001   Please fine attached decision on this FOI request.   Please contact us at [1][Minister...
Pending and invited EOIs for subclass 189,190.
Response by Minister for Home Affairs to Ahmed on .

Information not held.

OFFICIAL In reply please quote: FOI Request:     FA 21/06/00710 File Number:      ADF2020/61138   Dear Ahmed,   I refer to your FOI reque...
UNCLASSIFIED Good afternoon We refer to your email of 2 October 2019, in which you have requested "a copy of the Minister's diary covering all days i...
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Request to Minister for Home Affairs by Jackson Gothe-Snape. Annotated by Locutus Sum on .


The decision that I was thinking about is Parnell and Minister for Infrastructure and Transport [2011] AICmr 3 (11 April 2011). The Information Commiss...
UNCLASSIFIED Dear CD I acknowledge receipt of your advice that you wish to withdraw your FOI request. I have closed your request as withdrawn by you...
Title holder of Australian citizenship
Response by Minister for Home Affairs to Sophia Wrightman on .

Information not held.

UNCLASSIFIED Our references: FA 14/02/00263; ADF2014/00263   Dear Sophia Wrightman   I refer to your FOI request received on 29 January 2014,...
Media conferences
Response by Minister for Home Affairs to Henare Degan on .


Dear Henare,   Freedom of Information Request I refer to your email dated 28 December 2013 in which you requested access to documents under the...
See departmental request at
How many people arrive by boat?
Response by Minister for Home Affairs to Nick Chugg on .


UNCLASSIFIED   Our references:  FA 13/09/00993; ADF2013/30946   To Nick Chugg Via: [1][FOI #415 email]   Dear Mr Chugg   I refer to your reque...

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