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Requests for personal documents, documents of a party political nature, or documents held in the prime minister's capacity as a local member of parliament are likely to be refused. See the Information Commissioner guidelines for more details.

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Weekly agenda format - September
Response by Prime Minister to The National Advocate on .
Awaiting classification.
OFFICIAL Dear FOI applicant Thank you for your email of 2 October 2019, below. The Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet provides administrati...
The Magna Carta
Request sent to Prime Minister by Ringer on .
Long overdue.
In the light of Information I have gathered from various sources and the fact that John Howard has referred to the Magna Carta as a Historical doc...
Joint Doorstop Interview - Darwin - 28 February 2014
Request to Prime Minister by knav2013. Annotated by knav2013 on .
Awaiting internal review.
I bet Peta Credlin's lost some of her venom now.
Press Conference 12 May
Response by Prime Minister to UD on .
Long overdue.
UNCLASSIFIED FOI/PMO/2017/019   Dear Mr/Ms UD   Thank you for your email dated 12 May 2017, in which you made a request to the Prime Ministe...
UNCLASSIFIED Dear Mr Fairless   Please find attached a decision in relation to your FOI request with the Prime Minister – reference : FOI/PMO/20...
Correspondence from Senate President
Internal review request sent to Prime Minister by Jeremy Cooper-Stout on .
Awaiting internal review.
Please pass this on to the person who conducts Freedom of Information reviews. I am writing to request an internal review of Prime Minister's hand...
Naval Record Keeping
Follow up sent to Prime Minister by Brother Ian on .
Awaiting internal review.
Been there, done that. What now? I have 2 reasonably polite go to hell letters from an Admiral and another from an "Assistant" Minister of Defenc...
UNCLASSIFIED Dear Ms Portas-Hills,   Please find attached correspondence in relation to your FOI request with the Office of the Prime Minister –...

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