Water NSW

A NSW authority

Combines the Sydney Catchment Authority and the State Water Corporation.

WaterNSW is Australia’s largest water supplier. We are a leader in developing infrastructure solutions for water supply security and reliability. Our expert staff manage 42 large dams across NSW. We deliver water from our dams, pipelines and the State’s rivers for agriculture and drinking water supply customers.

We provide a single point of contact for the day-to-day business needs of water customers including the management of groundwater, regulated and unregulated water.

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Why Discharge Sewerage into the ocean
Request sent to Water NSW by Alan Guthrie on .
Long overdue.
Why do we discharge sewerage into the ocean when we can treat it and make it into drinkable water [as in Japan] to be pumped into rivers in the count...
Water quality data for Hastings River
Follow up sent to Water NSW by Luke Bacon on .
Long overdue.
Have you recieved my previous emails, which are a valid GIPA information request? Yours faithfully, Luke Bacon

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