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Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2023 11:35:32 +1100
Subject: Re: Information Access shared "LEX 61523 ASHMORE (Josh)" with you
From: Alan ASHMORE <>
To: Information Access via Macquarie Government <>

Dear Information Access via Macquarie Government,

I have wasted almost one hour of my time trying to access this FOI as per the links you have sent and nothing is working. I have contacted Macquarie and they cannot help me and suggested I contact DVA to resolve this matter. As I am 76 y.o. I am not as computer literate as the younger veterans and the hoops I am required to jump through plus the fact that Macquarie cannot help me it would appear this new system is very complex and wasting the time of DVA staff, Macquarie and is NOT user friendly.

I ask that you send me the documents on a thumb drive and post it by registered mail to my address that appears on my DVA file.

Will you please confirm you agree to my request to mail it to me as per my suggestion above.

Thanks in advance.


Yours sincerely,


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  [1]Macquarie Government
Hey there,

just letting you know that Information Access shared LEX 61523 ASHMORE
(Josh) with you.
  [2]View it!

The share will expire on 3 November 2023.

  Macquarie Government - Intellicentres are intelligent


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