Australian Jews in the Israel Defence Force

Gareth William Smith made this Freedom of Information request to Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade did not have the information requested.

Gareth William Smith

This is a request for information under the FOI ACT 1982. I seek access to all documents, paper or electronic, which pertain to the following issues:

1. Legislation proscribing Australians from serving in foreign militaries.

2. Australian Jews committing crimes against humanity as settlers or members of the Israel Defence Force (IDF).

3. Border Force assessment of Jews returning to Australia after visiting Israel.

4. Recruitment of Jews in Australia for Aliya and service in the IDF (

5. All statistics concerning Australians in the IDF.

6. Funding by the Israeli state for Aliyah and recruitment to the IDF.

7. Funding sources for Australian politicians visiting Israel

Gareth W R Smith

Gareth William Smith left an annotation ()

I have been advised by D F A T that my request should be addressed instead to the Attorney General and this is what I propose to do next.