cancellation or rufusal of Australian passports to Iraq & Syria in relation to allowing them to leave as they are a threat to compromising National security

James Mott made this Freedom of Information request to Australian Security Intelligence Organisation

The request was refused by Australian Security Intelligence Organisation.

From: James Mott


Dear Australian Security Intelligence Organisation,

From the time of November 6th 2015 till February 19th 2016 what are the measures implemented to identify jihadists hoping to fight in the middle-east.why are these individuals passports being canceled before departure,wouldn't it be in the best interests of our national security to let these people go fight then cancel passport upon return denying them entry to Australia.

Yours faithfully, James Mott

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Australian Security Intelligence Organisation

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED

Dear Mr Mott,

In regards to your email to this organisation requesting information under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (the FOI Act), please note that the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) is an exempt agency under subsection 7(1) of the FOI Act and it is therefore not possible to access any ASIO records under this legislation.

However, it is possible to request access to ASIO's historical records under the provisions of the Archives Act 1983. The Archives Act allows the public a right to access records of a certain age (known as the Open Access Period). Currently it is possible to access records created prior to 1990.

Further information about access to historical Commonwealth records can be found on the website of the National Archives of Australia (


ASIO Business Liaison Unit
W: | P: (02) 6234 1668

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