Confirmation Imperial Laws in force

Dean Miles made this Right to Information request to Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

The request was partially successful.

Dear Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads,

Please confirm and acknowledge, all Dept of Transport and Main Roads Employees abide and follow to the letter of the law, ALL laws IN FORCE, including the Bill of Rights 1688 in force in Qld. If so which legal Instrument with Assent or Royal Assent grants anyone enforcing T.O.R.U.M 1999, grants superior power above and beyond Bill of Rights 1688 Section 12 Fines and Forfeiture a BEFORE CONVICTION ARE ILLEGAL VOID.

Yours faithfully,

Dean Miles

contactRTI, Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads

Dear Mr Miles

Department of Transport and Main Roads' employees (TMR employees) are required to comply with the Code of Conduct for the Queensland Public Service dated 1 January 2011 (Code of Conduct). Under clause 3.1 of the Code of Conduct, TMR employees are required in the course of undertaking their duties, to comply with the laws of State, Australian and local governments.

Kind regards

RTI & Privacy team | RTI, Privacy and Complaints Management
Governance Branch | Corporate Division | Department of Transport and Main Roads
Floor 8 | 61 Mary Street | Brisbane Qld 4000
GPO Box 1549 | Brisbane Qld 4001
(07) 3066 7108
[Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads request email]

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Dear contactRTI,

I thank you kindly for your information to confirm Imperial Laws are valid.

Not like the ATO !!!
In good faith to yourself, family, friend's, Heirs and Successors, in return I offer you for being so kind.

The ATO is not a legal entity - Basic Fraud
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Yours sincerely,

Dean Miles