Dear NSW Department of Education,

This request is an application for the purpose of the Freedom of Information Act 1982.

I would like to request a list or document containing all Job Titles/ occupations that are required to receive their third dose of the COVID-19 Vaccination before they can work or conduct business on school grounds.

Yours faithfully,

Chris H

Right to Access, Legal Services, NSW Department of Education

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Dear Chris


Thank you for your email.


I am informally releasing the following information to you in accordance
with section 8 of the Government Information (Public Access) Act (GIPA)


Per the Department of Education NSW website anyone working on a NSW school
must be fully vaccinated to help protect the health and safety of staff
and students. Please see this link for further information


The NSW Government announced on Friday 7 January 2022 that boosters will
become part of the vaccination requirement for any workforce where
mandatory vaccinations are required as part of the Public Health Orders.


Any work undertaken at a government school or non-government school
includes work by teachers, support staff, corporate employees,
contractors, volunteers and students on student placement.


If you are seeking further information, please submit a GIPA application
(see attached application form).


Kind regards

Ashleigh Watkins
Senior Right to Access Officer | Right to Access | Legal Services
T (02) 7814 0012  | E [2][email address] | [3] 
Level 5, 105 Phillip Street, Parramatta, NSW 2150

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