Documents pertaining to or giving evidence in support of wearing face masks from state or federal sources

verifysp made this Freedom of Information request to ACT Health Improvement Branch as part of a batch sent to 42 authorities

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

The request was refused by ACT Health Improvement Branch.

Dear ACT Health Improvement Branch,
I am requesting documents under the Freedom of Information Act that are containing: instructions, notices, evidence to support, in regards to the wearing of face masks by your internal staff and public that was sent to you from either the State or Federal Authorities in 2021

*Notes*: to keep the scope of the docs requested reasonable see below.
- by docs I am referring to communications ie emails, memos, minutes of decision meeting, guides, Q&A. that I expect your offices would be sent due to virus outbreak.
Such Docs would have been used to convey following info and directive or policy

WHAT the State & Federal Authority wants you to do regarding mask wearing
WHY include evidence & reason why staff and/or public should obey mask mandate.
WHO these docs should show where they originated and be ideally dated also
WHEN I am only after those docs covering this 2021 delta variant covid19 outbreak
EXCEPTION - and finally what is permitted as Exceptions for staff and public including any advice on who is bearing responsibility should any legal claim arise from staff or public suffering harm from mask-wearing (risk management)

Given the ever growing global studies and verifiable results that repeatedly demonstrate that there is no scientific medical justification for enforced mask wearing. It is certainly reasonable that the public know what, precisely, the state and federal authorities communicated with your offices in regards to facemasks.

As it appears currently to have zero effect slowing the outbreak but does have negative health & mental impacts, I hope for a swift response.

Yours faithfully,


Allen, Jonas (Health), ACT Health Improvement Branch

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Good morning


In accordance with section 43(2) of the Freedom of Information Act 2016
this application will be combined and treated as one application with
another received that appears to be identical from what appears to be the
same applicant. All correspondence will be received via the other address
provided and will not be forwarded to this address.


Kind regards




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verifysp left an annotation ()

They added this in with one of the other 42 I sent.
I have added in a clarification to all who reply as below

To clarify my request, and if you see an assumption below that is answerable in the public domain do advise me the link, the docs I seek is any related to evidence supporting government requirements for staff of your dept/org to wear masks at work.
My assumption is that employees were told to wear masks, so were they told why and what evidence supporting the order was shown to them? Docs as email, memos, staffnotices, group mail communications, or similar.

Or alternatively, since by federal law BiosecuritiesAct2015/61 no citizen may be compelled or asked to wear a mask unless a judge has issued a biosecurity control order in the name of that person.

Alternate request under FoI Act
I request a list of all the biosecurity control orders issued to staff (how many issued exactly) with PIN, names etc redacted as I respect individual privacy. If these control orders do not exist the Mask Mandate must be recinded as it is illegal.

Yours sincerely,