Illegal camping ground

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Mark Blandford

Dear Dungog Shire Council,

I would like a copy of the evidence Dungog shire council has in regards to an illegal camping ground at boothill compound at main creek

Yours faithfully,

Mark Blandford

Shire Council, Dungog Shire Council

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Kind regards,


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Shire Council, Dungog Shire Council

Hello Mark,

I am responding to your correspondence of 25 July 2020, and your request for evidence Dungog Shire Council has in regards to an illegal camping ground at Boothill compound at Main Creek.

The Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009, (GIPA Act) primarily provides access to information via a Formal application process or an Informal application process. I have reviewed the file regarding your request and advise it contains information that may require a formal application i.e. it contains information that is not “open access information” in accordance with the legislation.

Should you wish a determination be made on availability for you to access this information a Formal access application will be required for which there is a $30 fee and application form available on Councils’ website. Submitting a Formal access application does not guarantee access to all government information, an assessment would be undertaken in accordance with the GIPA legislation and public interest and advice provided to you on the outcome and determination.

In the current COVID-19 environment you may submit your Formal GIPA application electronically and telephone council’s customer service staff on the number below to pay the fee via credit card, form must be submitted prior to payment.


S. Chandler | Right to Information Officer
Dungog Shire Council | PO Box 95, Dungog NSW 2420
P: 02 4995 7777 | F: 02 4995 7750 | E: [Dungog Shire Council request email]

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