Legal Instruments Qld Police LTI 20X20 TruCam Lidar speed camera device

Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads did not have the information requested.

Dear Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads,

All Commonwealth & Qld Road Laws from 1867 that are LAWFULLY relevant, bearing Great Seal of the United Kingdom, Royal Great Seal of the Commonwealth and the yucky Corporate legal dummy Queen of Australia Including Letters Patent that UK Law deem ONLY APPLY TO BRITISH SUBJECTS in speed camera matters, involving use, operation calibration when in use by Qld Police Commissioned & Non Commissioned Officers.

These include, but are not limited to the Operation & Repair & Correct operation manual/s as per manufacturers advice & Instructions when delivered under contract.


Yours faithfully,

Dean Miles

Megan L Miles, Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads

Good morning Dean

Thank you for your email to the Department of Transport and Main Roads concerning speed cameras.

Please note, the locations of fixed speed cameras can be access via:

Alternatively, if you require additional information about speed cameras, you will need to contact the Queensland Police Service directly.

I trust this information is of assistance.

Kind regards

Megan Miles
Principal Advisor (RTI and Privacy) | RTI, Privacy and Complaints Management
Governance Branch | Corporate Division | Department of Transport and Main Roads 

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