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Rail Lubrication Contract LB Foster USA

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Dear Sydney Trains,

I am the Chairman of a large strata residential building at Waverton, where our residents, along with many many others, have been suffering from rail Screeching for a number of years - particularly since the lubrication of this affected stretch of rail was turned off.
It is understood Sydney Trains has entered into a lubricant supply agreement with LB Foster of USA - and this product when recently trialled has been totally ineffective in reducing the screeching.
We request a copy or full details of this agreement with LB Foster in order for our residents to learn of the obligations upon Sydney Trains to continue using a product which is ineffective.
Sydney Trains is aware of lubricants from an alternative supplier, which have proven
to be most effective in solving the screeching in many other rail networks.

Yours faithfully,
Kenneth J Shaw

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We don't know whether the most recent response to this request contains information or not – if you are Kenneth J Shaw please sign in and let everyone know.