Release of document "RMID0844 New AVC"

Timothy Nothdurft made this Freedom of Information request to NBN Co Limited

The request was refused by NBN Co Limited.

From: Timothy Nothdurft


Dear NBN Co Limited,

Please released the paper titled “nbn Product Construct Paper, RMID0844 New AVC. Higher Speed Tiers, September 2019”.

As referenced in latest public consultation paper.

Yours faithfully,

Timothy Nothdurft

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From: David Mesman
NBN Co Limited

Dear Mr Nothdurft - As required by section 15(5) of the FOI Act, I acknowledge receipt of your request.

Best regards, David Mesman

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From: David Mesman
NBN Co Limited

Attachment 02A.Decision Phone Number Automatically Hidden.pdf
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Please find attached nbn's FOI decision in relation to this matter.

If you have any questions regarding the reasons, please don't hesitate to contact the writer.

Best regards, David J Mesman

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