Request for latest Skillselect EOI statistical information

The request was successful.

Dear Department of Home Affairs,

The skillselect EOI statistical information was being updated on monthly basis under skillselect data section of the DHA's skillselect website(link given below), but this hasn't been updated since 30 November 2020. Requesting you to kindly update the same.


Yours faithfully,

FOI, Department of Home Affairs

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FOI, Department of Home Affairs


Dear Nabeel,

Thank you for your enquiry and for bringing this matter to attention. Please accept our apologies for this delayed response while we have made enquiries with the responsible business area.

The responsible business area has advised that problems with the Skillselect data have been under analysis and that they are working to publish any missing data within a timeframe of 10 working days.

Please feel free to make further enquiry if the data is not available after this time.

Thank you

FOI Officer
Position Number: 60007069MS
Freedom of Information
Department of Home Affairs
E: [Department of Home Affairs request email]


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