The Welton investigation

Response to this request is long overdue. By law, under all circumstances, Court Services Victoria should have responded by now (details). You can complain by requesting an internal review.

Dear Court Services Victoria,

Attention: Magistrate McLean, of the Ringwood Magistrates Court.

White vs White 2016 (Welton vs Welton 2018).

I have already served over 6 years (2247 days) and I would like an end to all sanctions imposed on me ASAP (as of the 28th of November 2022).

I believe that I am the victim of the system, I have committed no crime that validates such excessive consequences, as such this entire situation causes me severe mental harm and I need it to end immediately = no more extensions.

I would like the IVO canceled, I wish for Miss Welton to stop all sanctions on me ASAP, so that I can have a proper relationship with my children.

This perceived risk is cruel and unnecessary. It is all based on the assumption that I am somehow some type of psychopath, which couldn't be further from the truth. I took myself to hospital on the 5th of October 2016. From this point onwards the system has systematically destroyed me. And it has no end date. I need it to end now.

Exceptional circumstances rule of international law. This situation is a breach of the Rome Statute Article 7, crimes against humanity causing severe mental harm = State (IVO) and Federal (Final Orders) imposed Parental Alienation.

I believe the sanctions imposed on me are an abuse of power and it must stop ✋️. There is no reason to continue, there never was a need for this, but what is done is now done. Let us move on and cancel all sanctions.

I can then finally start to rebuild my life, more access to the boys, the pending development of the Consequia tangent, my future is positive… but I need all the controls removed, as they have a drastic effect on my mental health.

Simply, mercy on the Court. This situation must end, as it causes me severe mental harm, this abuse of power must end now amicably. There is no reason to continue these sanctions on me, this situation makes me sick, it is a crime against humanity.

So, can I please have my life back, without all these controls, as I have never assaulted anyone and these types of punishment should be kept for extreme violence cases only. In this case, I have hurt no one and I now request the entire situation resolved.

I have done my time, now I would like my life back, without the sanctions imposed on me. Simple. The end.

This situation is an abuse of power, this is a Rome Statute situation, our system is imperfect and this case study is proof of a broken system of governance. I have been in torment for over 6 years and it has no end date. To stop the deterioration of my condition, this situation has to stop today, as it causes me severe mental harm.

Can I please have my life back, I've been punished long enough. You have to remove the controls you gave to Miss Welton, so I can also have a life. She will never relinquish control, you will have to take it from her.

Once again, this is a pre-crime type mandate based on risk, even though the expert testimony of Dr Michael Maloney was disregarded. It is obvious that I see myself as the victim from the beginning, I knew I was being set up, instead of losing control, I went to the hospital. I am innocent of the consequences rendered on me and my children deserve to have a father. I want my time back now, as I've already lost enough.

So please pass this information on to the Magistrate stated, so she is aware of the lengths I have taken, to try and resolve this matter.

There is still a month until the next court date. This 3 month extension and the application for a permanent IVO is absolutely ridiculous, this situation must end, as there is no need for all these sanctions on me.

I want this situation over and my life back ASAP.

There are several requests for the Welton Investigation on this platform, as an attempt to get these departments to discuss the issues raised.

My FOI request is simple. Please justify these sanctions with actual evidence of crimes committed? As these sanctions are based on the assumption of risk, which have now exceeded 6 years.

For your consideration.

Russell White

Yours faithfully,
Mr Welton

CSV-JS-FOI (CSV), Court Services Victoria

Dear Mr White,


We refer to your email below which we received on 30 October 2022.


Court Services Victoria (CSV) is a statutory body corporate established to
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courts and tribunals. The documents in the possession of CSV relate to
those functions. The Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act) creates a
general right of access to documents of an agency. Whilst CSV is an agency
and subject to the FOI Act, Victorian courts are not.


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Each Victorian court manages its own information and data pertaining to
its judicial functions. Based on the information in your email, it appears
you are seeking documents held by the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria.


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