Tourism Australia Documents re: Coral Bleaching (Disclosure Log, 2018)

Matilda Duncan made this Freedom of Information request to Tourism Australia

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The request was successful.

Dear Tourism Australia,

Could I please have a copy of documents released by Tourism Australia in response to the following FOI request, as listed on your disclosure log:

FOI Application Reference: TA0318
Date of Access: 22 May 2018
FOI Request Summary: Director emails relating to coral bleaching; Internal documents relating to coral bleaching and/or the health of Australia's coral reefs that are not publicly available; Guidelines issued by Tourism Australia to any private Australian tourism companies concerning the health of the coral reefs not publicly available


Freedom of Information, Tourism Australia

Dear Ms Duncan,
I am writing to confirm receipt of your request.
We will be in contact shortly with a response.
Tourism Australia FOI
Office: Level 29 420 George Street Sydney 2000
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Corporate: |

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Freedom of Information, Tourism Australia

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Dear Matilda,

Please see attached documents which were released in response to the below FOI request.


Freedom of Information
Tourism Australia

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