Viewing historical development applications for specific property

Anna made this Government Information (Public Access) request to Penrith City Council

The request was partially successful.

From: Anna


Dear Penrith City Council,

I would like to view a copy of all development applications submitted, together with their outcomes, for the property located at 4 Parroo Close, St Clair. I am aware of Penrith City Council's DA tracking website tool, however it only covers DAs submitted/determined within the previous month and does not provide me with information regarding historical DAs.

Yours faithfully,

Anna Samson

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From: Penrith City Council - RECORDS

Thank you for contacting Penrith City Council.  Your email will be
assigned to the appropriate Council officer for action.


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Kind Regards


Penrith City Council


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From: Karin Fuller

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Dear Anna Samson

Thank you for your email requesting information for the above property.

Please find attached Open Access Request form to be filled out and
returned to  [1][email address]

Once Council receives completed form, information will then be released.

Kind regards

Karin Fuller
Administration Officer

E [2][email address]
T +612 4732 7777 | F +612 4732 7958 | M 
PO Box 60, PENRITH NSW 2751


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#RESPOND 8598952


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