Australian Competition Tribunal

Part of the Treasury portfolio and a Federal authority, also called ACT

The Australian Competition Tribunal hears applications for review of determinations of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission granting or revoking authorisations permitting conduct and arrangements that would otherwise be prohibited under the Trades Practices Act because of their anti competitive effect. The Tribunal also hears applications for review of determinations of the Commission granting or refusing clearances for company mergers and acquisitions.

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Clarification sent to Australian Competition Tribunal by Ben Fairless on .
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Hi Thomas, If you can provide this information administratively then yes please. Yours sincerely, Ben Fairless
This is a request for information under the Freedom of Information Act. I request the document(s) which describe the data provided to the external...
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Response by Australian Competition Tribunal to Ben Fairless on .
UNCLASSIFIED Dear Mr Fairless,   I refer to your email dated 2 November 2016. The Australian Competition Tribunal does not have any current FOI...

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