ACT Human Rights Commission

An ACT authority

The Human Rights Commission (HRC) is an independent statutory agency comprised of:
* Children & Young People Commissioner
* Disability & Community Services Commissioner
* Health Services Commissioner
* Human Rights & Discrimination Commissioner

The HRC investigates and resolves complaints about:
* Discrimination and sexual harassment
* Health services
* Disability services
* Services for children and young people
* Services for older people

The HRC also undertakes a range of other activities, including:
* Training on human rights and discrimination
* Community education and outreach activities
* Advice and recommendations on legislation, policies and services affecting vulnerable groups in the community
* Facilitating service improvement
* Promoting community awareness of human rights

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OFFICIAL: Sensitive     Rosemary Budavari (she/her) Senior Director, Governance and Corporate Support ACT Human Rights Commission Canberra...
Hi Please send me all of the information regarding my complaint 150107218 that I made to the HRC. In particular I need the responses from Dr Sindy Vr...

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