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I'm hoping to access documents relating to the tender process for the artists' impressions of the proposed Aboriginal Art Gallery. Including who els...
Tree data for Alice Springs
Request to Alice Springs Town Council by Edan Baxter. Annotated by Locutus Sum on .

Long overdue.

For Kate Walsh, Executive Assistant to the Mayor & CEO, Alice Springs Town Council. Note that the name of the applicant is "Edan" but each email that y...
Hi Anna, Council has reviewed this request and no further information pertaining to this incident can be obtained. No job number can be found for thi...
Information pertaining to Coles Carpark
Request to Alice Springs Town Council by Beth Sometimes. Annotated by Luke Bacon on .

Long overdue.

Why haven't Alice Springs Town Council responded to this request? Maybe they missed it somehow. You can see from the green tick on the message that it...

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