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Follow up sent to Ambulance Victoria by Connor Bright on .

Long overdue.

By law, you should have responded by October 27, 2023 Yours faithfully, Connor Bright
AV Branch/station locations
Response by Ambulance Victoria to Mark Smith on .

Long overdue.

Ambulance Victoria acknowledges receipt of your Freedom of Information (FOI) request received today. Please note that all valid FOI requests will be...
Adi Please find attached my response to your FOI request to Ambulance Victoria Also attached is your official receipt for the FOI application fee p...
P&C Redesign
Response by Ambulance Victoria to Charles Spanti on .

Waiting clarification.

Chas In order for this FOI request to be deemed valid, can you please provide me with the $27.20 FOI application fee. This can be done by chq payable t...

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