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Easement repairs and responsibilities
Response by Blacktown City Council to Ian Wilson on .
Awaiting classification.
Council acknowledges receipt of your email and it has been forwarded to the appropriate section(s) within Council. E-mails are managed as corresponde...
To find if my lot is a zero line lot
Response by Blacktown City Council to Kamran Zafar on .
Awaiting classification.
Hi Kamran, Please find attached. Kind regards, Brock Cauchi Town Planner 9839 6000 [email address] PO Box 63 Blacktown NSW 2148
(our ref: GIPA18/2511) Dear Sir / Madam, Thank you for your email request for information received 17 December 2018. We apologise for the delay whi...
tulloch street, blacktown, NSW 2148
Response by Blacktown City Council to Phil C on .
Partially successful.
Hi Phil   Please see attached.     Our Ref:  GIPA 19/618   Kind Regards [1]Description: Description: Description: Description: Descript...
Certificate of Occupancy
Request to Blacktown City Council by William Marquand. Annotated by Locutus Sum on .
I have classified this request as "refused" for two reasons. The first reason is the GIP Act of the state of New South Wales requires an applicant to...
Parklea Markets Development Approval Request
Request to Blacktown City Council by Thomas M. Annotated by Locutus Sum on .
The applicant has not told Right to Know the status of this request and I have been asked to update the status. Note 1: Mostly I classify a response...
Response by Blacktown City Council to Steph on .
Stephanie In general, no building is permitted to encroach upon easement's. Structures approved by Council may be constructed up to the easement, depe...
Response by Blacktown City Council to Scott on .
Partially successful.
Hi Scott I general all structures including pools are required to be clear of any easement zone. For example if the easement for support is 1.2 metres...
Environmental Health service workload information
Follow up sent to Blacktown City Council by Sean La Fontaine on .
Thanks for providing the information requested. Yours sincerely, Sean La Fontaine
Hello Vineeth Should your neighbouring allotment have an easement for access and maintenance, then it would enable a zero lot line to be proposed to t...
Dear Carmen   I haven’t had any feedback from you following my below email.  Kindly provide feedback as to how you wish to proceed.   If you h...
Inquiry Zero lot easement of DP 1214866
Response by Blacktown City Council to Bhavikkumar patel on .
Waiting clarification.
Bhavik It would probably be best to hold a discussion regarding your enquiry, Council may be3 contacted between 8am and 5.30pm on 9839 6000. Murray N...
Development Consent Request
Response by Blacktown City Council to David Foster on .
Hi David   Further to our telephone conversation, attached please find copies of DA/BA and Building Certificate for the subject property. The qual...
Dear Rajesh, I refer to your email enquiry on whether a zero line lot would be approved by Blacktown City Council without an easement in the adjacent...
Our ref: C17/1768, C16/57720, GIPA 16/2219 Dear Vithal, Thank you for your email received 12 January 2017. I apologise for extensive delay. As requ...
Dear Mr Gladstone, Thank you for your reply. Please find the additional information below: 'How many Formal Improvement notices were issued each yea...
Development Consent Rrquest
Response by Blacktown City Council to Drew Langford on .
Hi Drew   My apologies for getting your name wrong in my previous email, result of rushing too much I reckon.   Have a good day.     Kind Re...
Request DA Approvals List.
Request sent to Blacktown City Council by MR RAYMOND J KASJAN on .
Long overdue.
Please provide a list of approved Development Applications within the May- August 2016 period. Yours faithfully, MR RAYMOND J KASJAN

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