Classification Review Board

A Federal authority, also called CRB

Members of the Classification Review Board are appointed as statutory officers on a fixed term basis. They are selected to reflect the diversity of community life and a range of public opinion. Review Board decisions are taken by majority vote in accordance with the National Classification Code and classification guidelines endorsed by censorship ministers. The Classification Review Board receives administrative support from the Office of Film and Literature Classification.

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Style Guide for the Classification Review Board
Response by Classification Review Board to Alex Pentland on .

Information not held.

OFFICIAL   Good afternoon,   I refer to your request below for access to documents under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act).  ...
Saints Row IV July 29 Review Evidence
Response by Classification Review Board to Corin Tentchoff on .

Partially successful.

UNCLASSIFIED Good afternoon Mr/s Tentchoff   Referring to your FOI request of 8 September 2013 with this Department, the FOI decision maker's de...

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