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Part of the Defence portfolio and a Federal authority

DSTO is the Australian Government’s lead agency charged with applying science and technology to protect and defend Australia and its national interests

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I will call you as soon as is possible this week to discuss. Yours sincerely, Brett Wilson
UNCLASSIFIED Good morning Pore Jumpathi, I refer to your email request below. Unfortunately, in its current form your request is not considered valid...
FOI Delegations - 2016
Request sent to Defence Science and Technology Organisation by Ben Fairless on .

Long overdue.

Can I please have a copy of the current FOI Delegations, and any related directions issued in respect of FOI. I believe this information could be...
Cocos Keeling Island Surveillance System
Follow up sent to Defence Science and Technology Organisation by CD on .

Long overdue.

Please note that I have now paid the outstanding fee of $121.65 for this FOI request. I have emailed a copy of the receipt to the departments FOI...

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