Department of Education

Part of the Education and Training portfolio and a Federal authority

The Australian Government Department of Education is responsible for national policies and programmes that help Australians access quality and affordable childcare; early childhood education, school education, post-school, higher education, international and academic research.

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Visit to Rome with Christopher Pyne
Response by Department of Education to Jackson Gothe-Snape on .
Partially successful.
This is the second email. If you have any difficulty receiving these documents please let me know. Regards, Kirsten Dear Mr Gothe-Snape Following pay...
For Official Use Only Dear Mr Diamond   Thank you for your email, below, requesting administrative access to documents showing the department’s...
Travel expenses
Response by Department of Education to P. Gale on .
For Official Use Only Dear Mrs Gale Thank you for your comments below. There is no clear rule in relation to whether an FOI or an administrative proce...
Consultation meetings June 25th
Follow up sent to Department of Education by P. Gale on .
To: The FOI Contact Officer Department of Education In regards to the letter of today's date from Kirsten Burns and the documents about the consu...

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