Department of the Senate

A Federal authority

The Department of the Senate is one of three parliamentary departments dedicated to providing the Senate, its committees, the President of the Senate and Senators with a broad range of advisory and support services, to enable the fulfilment of the constitutional role of the Senate.

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The standing order "A person shall not willfully publish any false or misleading report of the proceedings of the Senate or of a committee." (see ht...
Prayer in Parliament
Response by Department of the Senate to D on .

Long overdue.

Dear D Thank you for your request for information. The Department of the Senate is exempt from Freedom of Information Act requests by s.68A of the Par...
Deeds in the Possession of Senator Williams
Request sent to Department of the Senate by Phillip Sweeney on .

Long overdue.

I am seeking copies of the following documents as confirmation that Senator John Williams has possession of the following documents: (i) a copy of...
Use of private emails
Request to Department of the Senate by Mary-Ann MARTINEK. Annotated by Locutus Sum on .

Long overdue.

"The Parliament has amended the Parliamentary Service Act 1999 to confirm the intention of Parliament that all parliamentary departments are excluded f...
A response to my request is overdue. Can you please provide the requested information? Yours faithfully, Ben Fairless

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