Defence Imagery and Geospatial Organisation

Part of the Defence portfolio and a Federal authority, also called DIGO

DIGO is the lead geospatial and imagery intelligence organisation in the Department of Defence.

Its functions, as prescribed in the Intelligence Services Act 2001 (ISA), are:

  • To obtain geospatial and imagery intelligence about the capabilities, intentions or activities of people or organisations outside Australia to meet the requirements of the Australian Government.
  • To obtain geospatial and imagery intelligence for the purposes of meeting the operational, targeting, training and exercise requirements of the Australian Defence Force.
  • To obtain geospatial and imagery intelligence for the purposes of supporting Commonwealth and State authorities in carrying out national security functions.
  • To communicate in accordance with government requirements the intelligence obtained under the above functions.
  • To provide Commonwealth and State authorities and bodies approved by the Minister for Defence imagery and other geospatial products that are not intelligence, technical assistance and support for carrying out their emergency response functions.
  • To co-operate with and assist bodies referred to in section 13A in accordance with that section.
  • To provide assistance to the Defence Force in support of military operations and to cooperate with the Defence Force on intelligence matters.

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