Future Fund

Part of the Finance portfolio and a Federal authority

The Future Fund is Australia’s sovereign wealth fund. They invest for the benefit of future generations of Australians.

They were established in 2006 to strengthen the Australian Government's long-term financial position. Every dollar that They make is a dollar that adds to Australia's wealth and contributes to its future.

They invest the assets of special purpose public asset funds: the Future Fund the Medical Research Future Fund, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Land and Sea Future Fund, the Future Drought Fund and the Emergency Response Fund and the DisabilityCare Australia Fund.

Their role is to generate high, risk adjusted returns over the long-term. They operate independently from Government and tailor the management of each fund to its unique investment mandate.

They are an intergenerational sovereign wealth fund, not a superannuation fund. They are designed to allow the Australian Government to save today to meet the costs of tomorrow.

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Style Guide/Writing Guide for the Future Fund
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Thank you for providing access. I withdraw my request given the documents are now public. Yours sincerely, Alex Pentland
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Audited Financial Statements for 2018-2017
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Use super fund to invest or buy house/land WA
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Long overdue.

can I use fund to purchase a house n land property and payout credit cards? Yours faithfully, Bear WA

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