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Infrastructure Australia is a statutory body, established under the Infrastructure Australia Act 2008 which came into effect on 9 April 2008. Infrastructure Australia advises governments, investors and infrastructure owners on a wide range of issues. These include Australia's current and future infrastructure needs, mechanisms for financing infrastructure investments, and policy, pricing and regulation and their impacts on investment and on the efficiency of the delivery, operation and use of national infrastructure networks. Infrastructure Australia's focus is on assisting Australian governments to develop a strategic blueprint for unlocking infrastructure bottlenecks and to modernise the nation's economic infrastructure. Infrastructure Australia reports regularly to the Council of Australian Governments through the Federal Minister for Infrastructure and Transport.

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Black Spot Funding Programme
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Good morning. Unfortunately we are not able to transfer your request, as the relevant agency is a State not a Federal government agency. Details are i...
FOI Delegations
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Dear Mr Fairless, Thank you for your email. Please see attached a copy of the relevant delegation under the FOI ACT. Please note that Infrastructur...
Private use of social media advice provided to employees
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Infrastructure Australia does not have any documents falling within the scope of your request. Yours faithfully FOI Coordinator Infrastructure Austral...
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Dear Jose, Infrastructure Australia has conducted searches and enquiries for the documents referred to in your request, and has been unable to identif...
Social media policy
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Hi IA FOI team, I hope you are well. Please be advised that at this point I wish to withdraw this FOI request (all aspects of it). It is my curre...
The study into Light Rail for Canberra
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Long overdue.

Thank you for your response. I understand what is available and what isn't. Yours sincerely, Kevin Cox
The Entrance NSW 2261 and its waterways.
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East West Link business case
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