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Part of the Industry and Science portfolio and a Federal authority

IP Australia receives and processes patent, trade mark, designs and plant breeder's rights applications, conducts hearings and decides on disputed matters relating to granting or refusing Australian IP rights.

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Dear Sir/Madam   I refer to your request dated 4 May 2017.   Please find attached our letter of today’s date, together with FOI Fact Sheet 12...
Dear Sir/Madam   I refer to your email request received by IP Australia on 5 March 2017.   Please find attached:   * letter from IP Australia of...
FOI Delegations - 2016
Follow up sent to IP Australia by Ben Fairless on .
Thank you for releasing the information outside of FOI. I'm happy to withdraw my FOI Request. Yours sincerely, Ben Fairless
Dear Mr Molloy   Request for access to documents under the Freedom of Information Act 1982   I refer to your application under the Freedom of I...
TPP and Related Documents (IP Australia)
Request to IP Australia by Brendan Molloy. Annotated by Henare Degan on .
Partially successful.
The above link to the disclosure log was broken. When I managed to track the document down I also discovered the authority planned to delete the docume...
Documents related to the removal of email for FOI requests
Response by IP Australia to Ben Fairless on .
Information not held.
Dear Mr Fairless   I refer to your request of 19 March 2014 for internal review of the primary decision in relation to documents that contain refe...
Pharmaceutical Patents Review Final Report
Request to IP Australia by Brendan Molloy. Annotated by Henare Degan on .
This request was mentioned in, "The High Price of Drug Patents: Australia, Patent Law, Pharmaceutical Drugs and the Trans-Pacific Partnership": http://...
Thank you for your response. -- Regards, Brendan Molloy Councillor Pirate Party Australia

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