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Medicine (MBBS) - Admission statistics for graduate students
Response by James Cook University to Suhani on .

Awaiting classification.

Good afternoon. Thank you for your email. All information regarding 'Right to information' requests can be found at the following links: https://www...
I am writing to you with regards to the admission statistics of graduate students that were successful in obtaining an interview offer and subsequen...
Many thanks for your reply and for the helpful information. Yours sincerely, Mark R. Diamond
current Chinese student enrollments
Response by James Cook University to Nicholas L'Estrange on .


Dear Mr L'Estrange,   Although your request for information wasn’t a valid request under the Right to Information Act 2009 (Qld), as it wasn’t mad...
Disclosure log
Response by James Cook University to P. Gale on .


Dear Mrs Gale,   Our Right to Information (RTI) disclosure log is up to date.   Regards,   Secretariat & Records Office of Chief of Staff...
Dear Mr Brooke,   Thank you for your e-mail.   The University’s Administrative Access Scheme is generally only used to respond to requests for...

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