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NBN Co Limited is a wholly-owned Government Business Enterprise formed to build and operate a wholesale-only national broadband network across Australia

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NBN Rollout Statistics as at 30th April 2013
Follow up sent to NBN Co Limited by Joel Dickins on .


Thanks for the release of this data. Unfortunately it was a very slow process and one I hope NBNco will be speeding up in the future. Yours sincer...
NBN rollout activation dates
Response by NBN Co Limited to jxeeno on .


UNCLASSIFIED Please find attached a further request to refine the scope of this application.   If you could please ensure that you reply to the...
4th June 2013 IRRR
Response by NBN Co Limited to jxeeno on .


UNCLASSIFIED To whom this may concern,   Please find attached my FOI decision, releasing in full the documents requested.   Best regards, DJ...
UNCLASSIFIED Dear Mr Dickins,   Please find attached my decisions in relation to your FOI requests – our reference: FOI1213-19 and FOI1213-25....
Current Deployment Statistis and Policies
Response by NBN Co Limited to Paul Warren on .

Partially successful.

Mr Warren,   Please find attached a letter requesting that you contact NBN Co’s offices to discuss and refine the terms of your FOI request.  ...

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