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Hello Stephen, In order to make a request for NSW Police Force information, an applicant is required to submit a completed 'Formal Access' applicati...
Hi Rhea, Please find attached a formal application and credit card authority ($30 fee).  Please complete and return, along with a certified copy of...
Computer log - Event
Request to NSW Police Force by Leo Muter. Annotated by Leo Muter on .
Adds some SUBSTANCE to transparency.... :)
Administrative/Informal Access
Follow up sent to NSW Police Force by Ben Fairless on .
Thanks for coming back to me so quickly, much appreciated. Yours sincerely, Ben Fairless
All police media releases between 2010 And 2016
Request to NSW Police Force by Nigel Gladstone. Annotated by Luke Bacon on .
What happened with this Nigel? It's marked successful but did you receive the documents?
Flawed COPS report
Response by NSW Police Force to Leo Muter on .
Hi Mr Muter, Your query must be put in writing and sent to the address supplied below. Thank you, Monika New South Wales Police Force | External...
Obtaining Incident Report - Public Interest
Response by NSW Police Force to Leo Muter on .
Good Afternoon Mr Muter. You can apply for a copy of the incident report through this Unit - the External Information Access Unit - by completing on...

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