Office of National Assessments

Part of the Prime Minister portfolio and a Federal authority, also called ONA

ONA assesses and analyses international political, strategic and economic developments for the Prime Minister and senior ministers in the National Security Committee of Cabinet.

This authority is not obliged to respond to your request under FOI, but we feel it should be.

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Cost benefit analysis
Request sent to Office of National Assessments by Karen Reynolds on .

Long overdue.

I seek any documents, files, emails, notes, file notes or information which relates to the rationale for dropping of COVID protections (including ma...
Social media policy
Request sent to Office of National Assessments by James Smith on .

Long overdue.

I seek access to the following documents under the Freedom of Information Act 1982: 1. Current social media policy of the department, which cover...
Dear Sir/Madam, I am seeking any available unclassified/declassified Australian intelligence assessments from the lead up period to the 2006 Fiji...

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