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Part of the Attorney-General portfolio and a Federal authority, also called SA

Screen Australia is the Commonwealth Government screen agency providing support to Australian film, television, documentary and digital media makers.

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All correspondence and documentation related to the documentary film Frackman
Request to Screen Australia by Dan Monceaux. Annotated by Dan Monceaux on .
Partially successful.
I received some documents released in part, with no fees payable. There were many redacted sections and details, and many more exempt documents listed....
Dear Mr Young I enclose Screen Australia’s response to your FOI request dated 15 September 2015. Yours sincerely Jane Supit Head of Legal Servi...
Dear Mr Young,   Please see attached response from Fiona Cameron to your request for internal review.   Best regards,   Nick Coyle Govern...
Funding Grants
Response by Screen Australia to Dean Weily on .
Dear Dean,   The information you are seeking is all publicly disclosed in Screen Australia’s annual reports, which are available on our [1]website...

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