University of Western Sydney

A NSW authority, also called UWS

As a university, the University of Western Sydney will hold information on its admission statistics and policy.

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Dear Mr Diamond   The University’s policies are available online at [1]   If you require fur...
Internet filtering
Response by University of Western Sydney to Abdul Hai on .


Dear Abdul, Our policies are visible to the public here: Regards, Mr Geza Karacsony Executive G...
Disclosure log
Follow up sent to University of Western Sydney by P. Gale on .

Long overdue.

My apologies for suggesting that you might know the status of the disclosure log at the University of Newcastle! I intended, as you would expect, to...
Certainly. It will be ready for collection from the end of today. You can e-mail me or call me to arrange. Regards, Peter Peter Spolc | Executive Of...

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