2014 NSW HSC results of my son

Barry Mullens made this Freedom of Information request to Department of Education

Department of Education did not have the information requested.

From: Barry Mullens


Dear Department of Education,
I have funded my estranged son's High school education by way of child maintenance payments.I wish to obtain his 2014 NSW HSC results.

Thank You,

Yours faithfully,

Barry Mullens

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To the appliant: The Australian Government Department of Education and Training has not any connection with the results at high school, so they will refuse the request. If you receive the formal reply it will say the request is refused on the basis of s 24A of the FOI Act ("Requests may be refused if documents cannot be found, do not exist, or have not been received"). I would like to suggest that you be kind to the Department of Education and not to waste their time where they must make a formal reply. Instead, you can send another email now to say that you wish to withdraw the request.

The office that a person must apply to is the NSW Department of Education. It is possible to make the request on Right to Know but there are two reasons not to make the request. First reason is that if the Department sent you the results for your son then his personal information would be public on Right to Know and that is not a good idea. Second reason is that the NSW Department of Education will (I think it is certain) refuse the request for the reason that there is an over-riding public interest against giving you access to the information you want. The over-riding public interest is the preservation of your son's privacy; it will (I think also this is certain) take more importance for the public interest that whether or not you have paid for child maintenance.

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From: Education - FOI
Department of Education

Dear Mr Mullens,

You have contacted the Commonwealth Department of Education and Training, in Canberra. The Commonwealth does not hold records relating to individual school students, including examination results.

The NSW Department of Education may be better placed to assist you - their website is http://www.dec.nsw.gov.au and the contact email for information requests is [email address] .

Could you kindly reply via return email confirming that you are withdrawing your request to the Commonwealth Department, on the above basis.

Kind regards
Freedom of Information Team
Commonwealth Department of Education and Training

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