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Jon Andre Vergara

Dear Department of Home Affairs,

I want to know if Planit Testing is an accredited visa sponsor and if they have any pending issues/sanctions placed on them as a sponsor.

Yours faithfully,

Jon Andre Vergara

FOI, Department of Home Affairs

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General information about travelling to Australia:


The Department of Home Affairs, “Entering Australia” site


·       For visa and our requirements for entry to Australia

For a copy of your visa refusal or visa grant letter you should contact
the office where you lodged your visa application. 

·       To check your current visa details and conditions use the
Department’s Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) portal which can
be accessed [5]here

·       If you are experiencing technical difficulties in lodging your
visa application through ImmiAccount, submit your concerns through the
ImmiAccount Technical Support Form, which is accessible [6]here.

·       For evidence of your Australian Citizenship please refer [7]here.
The FOI Section does not process these requests.

·       For movement records or travel history complete the online
International Movement Records form [8]here. The FOI Section does not
process these requests.

·       To update your details, including your Passport details, you can
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FOI, Department of Home Affairs

OFFICIAL: Sensitive

In reply please quote:
FOI Request: FA 23/03/00576
File Number: FA23/03/00576

Dear Jon Andre Vergara,

I refer to your email dated 6 March 2023 in which you request access to documents held by the Department of Home Affairs (the Department) under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (the FOI Act).

I am writing to advise that your request is not valid for the purposes of section 15(2)(b) of the FOI Act in its current form, and to provide you with an opportunity to revise your request so that it is a valid request. This is called a ‘request consultation process’. Please respond to this notice in one of the ways set out below.

Scope of Request
You have requested access to the following:

I want to know if Planit Testing is an accredited visa sponsor and if they have any pending issues/sanctions placed on them as a sponsor.

Power to refuse request
Section 24 of the FOI Act provides that if the Department is satisfied that a practical refusal reason exists in relation to a request, the Department must undertake a consultation process with you, and if, after that consultation process, the Department remains satisfied that the practical refusal reason still exists, the Department may refuse to give you access to the documents subject to the request.

Practical refusal
A practical refusal reason exists if either (or both) of the following applies:
(a) the work involved in the processing of the request would substantially and unreasonably divert the resources of the Department from its other operations
(b) the request does not satisfy the requirement in section 15(2)(b) of the FOI Act, which requires you to provide such information concerning the document you are seeking access to, to enable the Department to be able to identify it.

Reasons for practical refusal
The Department has considered the scope of this request and its capacity to conduct searches of relevance based on the current scope. It is my preliminary view that your request, in its current form, is not specific enough to enable the Department to identify documents in scope of your request.

In order to process your request in a timely manner, FOI and the relevant business area require your assistance to clarify the scope of your request.

Please clarify the following points of the scope of your request:
The Freedom of Information Act 1982 provides the right to obtain access to 'a document of an agency'. As such, it is not possible for the Department to provide responses to questions under the FOI Act.
Please identify the document/s you require access to, along with a date range. For example, January 2022 - December 2022.

Request Consultation Process
You now have an opportunity to revise your request to enable it to proceed.
Your request is currently not a valid request for the purposes of section 15(2)(b) of the FOI Act. As part of this practical refusal consultation, you have 14 days to do one of the following:
• make a revised request;
• indicate that you do not wish to revise your request;
• withdraw your request.
If you do not do one of the three things listed above during the consultation period (14 days) or you do not consult the contact person listed below during this period, the Department will deem your request to be withdrawn.

Should you wish to revise your request or have any questions in relation to this process, please do not hesitate to contact the FOI section at [Department of Home Affairs request email]

Kind regards,

FOI Officer - Geoff
Freedom of Information
Department of Home Affairs

E: [Department of Home Affairs request email]

OFFICIAL: Sensitive

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Jon Andre Vergara

Dear FOI,

I'd like to revise my request.

Can I get a list of accredited sponsors from June 2022 - March 2023?

Yours sincerely,

Jon Andre Vergara