Carnal Knowledge

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From: Lewis


Dear Australian Bureau of Statistics, The Hypocrisy of the Crimes Act 1900 - sect. 66c,
NOW, puppy love is an exception to the rule. Quantify the definition of "Carnal Knowledge."

66C Sexual intercourse-child between 10 and 16
(3) Child between 14 and 16 Any person who has sexual intercourse with another person who is of or above the age of 14 years and under the age of 16 years is liable to imprisonment for 10 years.

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From: Danielle Gillett
Australian Bureau of Statistics

Dear Mr Lewis

Thank you for your email of 30 April 2017 in which you sought the

o "Quantify the definition of "Carnal Knowledge."

For your email to be distinguished as a valid Freedom of Information
request it must first state that it is sought under the Freedom of
Information Act 1982 (FOI Act) as stipulated by s15(2)(aa) of the FOI Act.
Further, under s15(2)(c) of the FOI Act, the request must provide such
information as is reasonably necessary to enable the Australian Bureau of
Statistics to identify it.

Please note at this stage your query does not contain enough information
to be considered a valid request under s15 of the Freedom of Information
Act 1982.

Should you have any questions regarding this please feel free to contact
the ABS FOI Contact Officer on: 02 6252 7203 or email:
[1][ABS request email]

Kind Regards

FOI Contact Officer 

Australian Bureau of Statistics 

(P) (02) 6252 7203 

(E) [2][ABS request email]   (W)  [3]

The ABS Privacy Policy outlines how the ABS handles any personal
information that you provide to us.


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