CCTV footage from police cell

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Dear NSW Police Force,

I would like to obtain a copy of the CCTV footage from Maroubra police station,the CCTV from the cells where offenders are held ,the custody cells . The CCTV that goes to police headquarters. I would like a copy of certain officers bodycams that were the arresting officers and the other officors that were at the scene. and the CCTV footage from the police car yard at Maroubra police station . I was assaulted bad by more than one police officer. I want the CCTV and body cams from that day and my whole arrest and time held in custody. I can prove I was kicked,slapped and punched while restrained and in a cell going to toilet. No resistance from me and police are denying assault. It's on police CCTV and I want a copy


NSW Police Force

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