Chemicals added to Sydney water supply.

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From: nora sepers


Dear Sydney Water Corporation,

I would like to know exactly what chemicals have been added to Sydneys residential water supply in the past year and for what purpose.

Yours faithfully,

Nora Sepers

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Sydney Water Corporation

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Dear Ms Sepers,


Sydney Water treat your water at one of nine water filtration plants, or
the desalination plant. Treatment chemicals are added to drinking water
mainly to reduce or eliminate the incidence of waterborne disease and to
improve the aesthetic quality of the water. All treatment processes
including chemical additions are continuously monitored in accordance with
the Quality Management System to meet the Australian Drinking Water
Guidelines. During the treatment process, lime, carbon dioxide and sodium
hydroxide can be used for pH correction, while ferric chloride, cationic
polymer and non-ionic polymer (LT20) are added to bring together suspended
or colloidal particles into a mass and then removed during filtration. For
final disinfection, chlorine and ammonia are added. Fluoride is then also
added to promote dental health as set out by NSW Health under the
Department’s water quality requirements. This entire process ensures the
water supplied to the community remains free of any waterborne pathogens
and is safe to drink.







Lisa Howell

Compliance Analyst-Statutory and Regulatory Coordination

People and Corporate Services

Sydney Water, Level 14, Desk 117 (western end), 1 Smith Street, Parramatta
NSW 2150


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