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Citizenship Ceremony Dates

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Dear Sunshine Coast Regional Council,

1. I would like to know the total number of applicants, as of 24th September 2023, that have been approved for Australian citizenship and are waiting to attend a Citizenship Ceremony in the Sunshine Coast Council area.

2. Furthermore, I'd like to know the current wait time between citizenship approval and ceremony in the Sunshine Coast Council area.

3. Please also indicate the planned (and held) citizenship ceremony dates from September 2023 to December 2024 in the Sunshine Coast Council area.  

Yours faithfully,

Dr Ben Damon

Kahlia Bartley, Sunshine Coast Regional Council

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Good afternoon Dr Ben Damon,


Thank you for contacting the Sunshine Coast Council. In order to assist
with your questions please note the following:

As of 24 September 2023, there is a total of 338 approved conferees (by
Department of Home Affairs) and waiting to attend a Sunshine Coast
Citizenship Ceremony to receive their Australian Citizenship.  By the time
we reach our next ceremony on Australia Day – 26 January 2024; there would
be a total of 730 approved conferees awaiting for a ceremony. We would
allocate 250 approved conferees to the Australia Day ceremony therefore
this would reduce to 480 approved conferees waiting for a ceremony.


The current wait time between Citizenship approvals and a ceremony within
the Sunshine Coast region are provided below in a percentage value.

o Less than 3 months – 40%
o 3-6 months – 36%
o 6-12 months – 22%
o 1 year+ – 2% (please note this 2 per cent waiting over a year is due
to their non-attendance in the past for schedule ceremonies. The
Department of Home Affairs follows up with these conferees directly to
try get them to attend the next ceremony).


Please find below information on Citizenship Ceremonies that have been
held in 2023 and upcoming ceremonies to be held in 2024.



o 1x Ceremony on Australia Day – 26 January 2023 for 199 approved
o 2x Ceremonies – 5 April 2023 for 456 approved conferees
o 2x Ceremonies – 24 May 2023 for 455 approved conferees
o 2x Ceremonies – 22 September 2023 for 534 approved conferees



o 1x Ceremony on Australia Day – 26 January 2024 for 250 approved
o 2x Ceremonies – Tentative for first week March 2024 for 500 approved
o 2x Ceremonies – Tentative for first week May 2024 for 500 approved
o 2x Ceremonies – September 2024 for 500 approved conferees


Each year the Sunshine Coast Council holds seven (7) Citizenship


In 2022 2,194 approved conferees became Citizens across 7 ceremonies.


In 2023 1,644 approved conferees became Citizens across 7 ceremonies.


In 2024 we are aiming for a similar number of approx. 1,750 approved
conferees to become Citizens across 7 ceremonies again.


Kind regards,


Community Festivals & Events Team

Creative Arts & Events | Arts, Heritage and Libraries

Economic & Community Development | Sunshine Coast Council


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Sunshine Coast Council acknowledges the Traditional Owners of this region,
the Kabi Kabi and Jinibara peoples. Council commits to working in
partnership with the Traditional Owners and the broader First Nations
community to support self-determination through economic and community


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Good morning Janine


Please see the attached request for information about citizenship


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Kind regards

Victor Catchpoole

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We don't know whether the most recent response to this request contains information or not – if you are Ben Damon please sign in and let everyone know.