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Dear Northern Beaches Council,

1. I would like to know the total number of applicants, as of 23rd November 2023, who have been approved for Australian citizenship and are waiting to attend a Citizenship Ceremony in the Northern Beaches Council area.

2. Furthermore, I'd like to know the current wait time between citizenship approval and the ceremony in the Northern Beaches Council area.

3. Please also indicate the planned (and held) citizenship ceremony dates from November 2023 to December 2024 in the Northern Beaches Council area.

Yours faithfully,

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Andrew Dummett, Northern Beaches Council

Dear Sir/Madam

Thanks for your request. Please see below a response from one of councils events team:

"In essence Council holds Citizenship Ceremonies in line with the requirements set out by the Department of Home Affairs in the Australian Citizenship Act.

Question 1 and 2 should be directed to the Department of Home Affairs for response.

Question three.
* We had 2 ceremonies in November 2023
* Ceremonies are currently planned in the following months for 2024 - January, February, March, April, May, July, August, September, November
o Noting we sometimes run two ceremonies in one day pending where our waitlist is at the time"

Yours sincerely

Andrew Dummett
Access to Information Team Leader

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