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Dear Queensland Health,

Q1. How many amplification cycles are used in the Qld Health PCR testing?

Q2. What is the reason for Dr. Walker stating that the PCR test is the gold standard when Kary Mullis, the inventor of the PCR test, specifically warned against its use as a diagnostic tool in that it was capable of amplifying just about ANY level of any molecule in the sample, and that the test cannot conclude that an individual is infected.

Q3. What is the definition of a case? What are the specific criteria for deciding what is declared a Covid 19 case? Is it just a positive PCR test? Or is it a collection of other criteria and if so, what are these? When a case is declared, must that individual be symptomatic before a case can be declared? And is the individual infected with viable virus to the extent that they can infect others?

Q4. What is the recorded number of deaths in Qld where Covid19 was the ONLY cause of death recorded?

Yours faithfully,

Owain Samuel

RTI-Privacy, Queensland Health

Thank you for your enquiry.

As the records you are seeking to access are not your own personal records, you will need to complete and submit a Right to Information and Information Privacy Access Application form, along with a mandatory application fee:

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