Cost difference of passed connections.

Megalfar made this Freedom of Information request to NBN Co Limited

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From: Megalfar


Dear NBN Co Limited,

I would like to know, the PASSING difference cost between FTTN and FTTB?


PASSING difference cost between FTTdp (G.Fast) and FTTP.

Yours faithfully,


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From: David Mesman
NBN Co Limited

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Please refer to the attached in relation to your FOI request to nbn.


Best regards, DJM


David J Mesman

General Counsel – FOI, Privacy & Knowledge Management

P +61 2 8918 8596| E [1][email address]

Level 10, 100 Arthur Street, North Sydney, NSW 2066




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Locutus Sum left an annotation ()

The nbn have been particularly helpful to suggest specific documents to exclude. The reason for the suggestion is not because an applicant cannot request these documents but because documents that have legal privilege are exempt. So an applicant can request them but a department is not obligated to give them to the applicant. Yet the department would have to do the work on a formal refusal. The reason to make the exclusion suggestion is because it saves work for the agency and saves cost for the applicant.

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