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P. Gale made this Freedom of Information request to Murdoch University

Murdoch University did not have the information requested.

From: P. Gale


To: The FOI (Right to Information) Officer
At: [Authority name]

Dear FOI (Right to Information) Officer,

This is not exactly a Freedom of Information/Right to Information request. I'm writing each university in the country informally about their information access. I'd be most appreciative if you would tell me, is your FOI disclosure log up-to-date? If it is not, how out-of-date is it ... how many requests behind? And when do you expect it to be brought up-to-date?

Thank you.

P. Gale (Mrs)
April 14th, 2017

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From: foi
Murdoch University

Dear Mrs Gale

Thank you for your enquiry via the ‘Right to Know’ website.

Our Freedom of Information Coordinator is currently on leave and I am assisting in her absence.

As per Section 3 of the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Cth) this Act applies to ‘access to information held by the Government of the Commonwealth’.

Murdoch University was established under the Murdoch University Act 1973 (WA) by the Government of Western Australia. Murdoch University is therefore not an agency of the Government of the Commonwealth and is not subject to the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Cth). Please refer to the definitions of ‘agency’, ‘prescribed authority’, and ‘Department’ outlined in Section 4 of the Act. Since the Act does not apply to our organisation, we are not required to publish a freedom of information (FOI) disclosure log as prescribed by Section 11C.

Murdoch University is however subject to the Western Australian Freedom of Information Act 1992 (WA) but it does not require us to publish an FOI disclosure log. Section 111 of the Freedom of Information Act 1992 (WA) requires the Information Commissioner to report to the Western Australian Parliament on the operation of the Act as soon as practicable after 30 June each year. This is achieved through agencies completing and submitting a statistical return to the Information Commissioner. Murdoch University complies with the requirements of this statistical return.

Please refer to the Office of the Information Commissioner in WA http://foi.wa.gov.au/ for further details about the way freedom of information operates in Western Australia.

Kind regards

Lisa Laurie
Administrative Assistant
University Secretary's Office
Murdoch University
Website: http://goto.murdoch.edu.au/FreedomofInfo...
Email: [email address].u
Address: 90 South Street, Murdoch WA 6150 Australia

I acknowledge that I am working on Whadjuk Noongar Boodjar and pay respect to all Noongar people and Elders, past and present.

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From: P. Gale


Dear Ms Laurie,

The information you provided was most helpful.

Thank you,

P. Gale (Mrs.)

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