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Aaron2017 made this Freedom of Information request to NBN Co Limited

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Dear NBN Co Limited,

Under Freedom of Information, can you please advise me of the distance between my house and the node I will be/am contacted to?

My address is: 16 Union Street, MCMAHONS POINT, NSW 2060.

Yours faithfully,

Paul Kosterman, NBN Co Limited

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Dear Sir,


Please find attached correspondence, in respect of your FOI request. 
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Kind Regards,


Paul Kosterman

Senior Legal Counsel – FOI, Privacy & Knowledge Management

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Level 11, 100 Arthur Street, North Sydney, NSW 2066



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Mark Epps left an annotation ()

Hi Aaron,

Looks like your address is a HFC area. Your distance from NBN equipment should have no impact on your speeds.


Daniel left an annotation ()

That is not correct and propaganda. HFC suffers signal to noise issues like the telephone wires.

Back of the Node HFC users suffer this signal to noise problem worse. Therefore currently those users will never reach 100.

It is a lucky dip. I am currently on 115mbps thanks to my own supplied enterprise router. or else with the supplied modem. It would barely reach 100 and drop off to 10mbps. The hacked up insecure unmaintained firmware devices are very insecure and unstable.

Other people are probably barely getting 30mbps.

The connection stability affects everyone. Speed is irrelevant here.

Only just a month ago it was down for 3 days again. And Telstra leave it offline for as long as possible , with thousands of modems trying to connect in a connect cycle. No notification update etc. It will just suddenly come back online when it pleases.

I have experienced a TPG HFC connection , it is very hard to debug the problems with this one.

They have gone from 7/1 ADSL for $60 to a ridiculous 500k-10mb down to 200k-700k up for the same price.

Only just the other day it was measuring 200ms latency. 5 people have to share a 700k upload.

Its basically 3x worse than the ADSL and unusable.

These areas were only every serviced by Optus so I believe it is the illegal unfit for purpose Optic cable.

The routing is showing this HFC connection is routing through Brisbane, then Melbourne to get to Google in Sydney. Something is very fishy with this HFC setup that TPG is keeping secret. It's extremely dodgy.

Right now the only choice is the original HFC in my books. Or pay up to $160K to get FTTP in a FTTN area.

In Ryde I believe they are over building that HFC area with FTTC possibly because of back of the node issues there.

So another lucky dip who gets FTTC.

The FTTN noise reduction Nokia snake oil has been outed already a failure. It will create even more interference on the degraded copper. Than its supposed to reduce. It's snake oil. So FTTN you have to avoid completely like myself. So stuck in between homes right now on a HFC connection.

I've been sabotaged completely personally. As I will sabotage my business trying to move to telephone lines.

I have to however resist being extorted to move to the HFC NBN. As I will be charged $20 more I currently am. So $100 instead of $88. But there is zero guarantee of stability of speed, hence the marketing change to "between" from "up to".

Many who haven't moved are already suffering unstable connections I believe the more people are added to it as expected. Coax congests.