Documents relelating to the multiple failures of Melbourne to Sydney 624 Train Service on 24 Nov 2018

Richard Smith made this Government Information (Public Access) request to NSW TrainLink

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Dear NSW TrainLink (Transport for NSW (TfNSW)),

Importance of access to reliable Public Transport

The provision & access to efficient public transport for the most vulnerable in our community is an important part of the role of government. How well government undertakes and plans to discharge this duty is a matter of great public interest.

As per s12 of the Act, information relating to promoting open discussion of public affairs, enhancing Government accountability and ensuring the effective oversight of the expenditure of public funds are areas that the Parliament has recognised as being of general public interest.

The provision of a train service between the two most economically and culturally important cities in Australia is an important part of NSW's economy and international reputation. Train services throughout the world, and in particular in the EU and increasingly Asia, signify the strength and capability of a society based on the ability to provide high levels of reliability and safety of long distance train services.

It is a realistic expectation of the public and taxpayers of NSW that this train service between Melbourne and Sydney be run reliably and safely.

Issues relating to 624 train service Melbourne to Sydney on 24th November 2018

The NSW TrainLink 624 train service which departed Melbourne's Southern Cross station on or about 8:30am Saturday 24th November 2018 experienced multiple mechanical failures to not one but both of the locomotives powering this train.

These mechanical failures resulted in the train running slower than normal and also being stopped on multiple occasions, including in Wangaratta and then finally being stopped in Wagga Wagga where all passengers had to disembark and complete their journey on coaches.

Passengers were advised at Wangaratta that the train could not proceed normally but that coaches were unable to be arranged and that they had to wait at Wangaratta for repairs to be made. They were also advised that the only spare locomotives suitable were located in Sydney.

The train then proceeded 2 hours late to Wagga Wagga where the train service was prematurely terminated and passengers where transferred to coaches.

Passengers finally arrived at Sydney Central station after midnight, more than 3.5 hours later than the scheduled arrival time of 20:01.

Link to current timetable is


I therefore make an access application to request access to the following Government Information:

a) Documents relating to the maintenance records (summary of preventative maintenance procedures and other faults rectified) of each of the locomotives on train service 624 which departed Melbourne's Southern Cross station on or about 8:30am Saturday 24th November 2018 for the preceding 24 months (i.e. from 24 November 2016 to 24 November 2018); and

b) Documents relating to any maintenance inspections (either planned or unplanned) of each of the locomotives on train service 624 which departed Melbourne's Southern Cross station on or about 8:30am Saturday 24th November 2018 for the preceding 24 months (i.e. from 24 November 2016 to 24 November 2018); and

c) Documents relating to the aborted attempt to arrange bus transportation at Wangaratta; and

d) Documents relating to the investigation & rectification of the failure of each locomotive on 24 November 2018; and

e) Documents relating to the total cost of providing short notice coach transportation of passengers from Wagga Wagga to Central Station; and

f) Documents relating to historical reduction in reliability caused by mechanical failures of the Melbourne to Sydney train service over the period 1 June 2013 - 24 November 2018.

This information will allow the promotion of open discussion of public affairs, enhance Government accountability and ensuring the effective oversight of the expenditure of public funds, which are all areas of public interest.

If this can be answered as informal request, please do so.

Otherwise, please proceed with this as a formal Access Application request under the NSW Freedom of Information principles & framework, i.e. the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 & other associated guidelines and regulations.

Electronic Communication

As provided for in s72(2) of the Act, I request that all correspondence relating to this request for government information be conducted via email.

However, in order to satisfy the requirements of the Act, I enclose a mailing address below:

P O Box K606
NSW 1240

I do not wish for any correspondence relating to this request to be sent via mail.

Request for waiver of Application Charge

I formally request for a full waiver, and or discount on the application charge for this Access Application on the grounds of financial hardship.

I detail my reasons below.

I have a fixed income and the discretionary component of my income that is allocated to food each week is $124. The charges imposed, being $30, represent some 24% of my weekly food budget.

I submit to TfNSW that the payment of the Charge of $30, or part of it, would cause significant financial hardship to me as the amount of $30 represents in excess of 1 and a half days of my weekly food budget. In choosing to progress my GI(PA) FOI request, I would have to go without purchasing food for more than 1 day, or forgo other discretionary items of spending to take the place of sustenance.

I look forward to hearing from NSW TrainLink.

Yours faithfully,

Richard Smith

Information, NSW TrainLink

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Morning Mr Smith,

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