Engadine Maccas Redux

Currently waiting for a response from Prime Minister, they should respond promptly and normally no later than (details).

Dear Prime Minister,

Scott Morrison appeared on the alleged entertainment show "Kyle & Jackie-o" to "Clear Up one thing" on July 15th 2021. That the thoughts of himself farding and shidding in his pants at the engadine maccas in 1997 has been hauntedly living rent free in his head, to the public knowledge at least since 2019.

I request, under the Freedom of Information Act 1982, all documents (yes, all types you have access to) relating to "engadine maccas" and "engadine mcdonalds" that the PMO has access to.

If you do not respond to this request within 30 days an OAIC complaint will be made, I don't mean to sound harsh but the DPM&C had to learn it the hard way.

Yours faithfully,


FOI, Prime Minister

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Dear Posty


We refer to your email below, in which you made a request to the Prime
Minister’s Office (PMO) for access under the Freedom of Information Act
1982 (Cth).


The Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet provides the PMO with
administrative support in the processing of FOI requests made to the PMO.
We have accordingly forwarded your email to the PMO for consideration.


We will advise you of future developments in this matter (PMO reference:




FOI Adviser | FOI Section[]

Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

p. (02) 6271 5849

Ngunnawal Country, One National Circuit  Barton  ACT  2600  |  PO Box
6500  CANBERRA  ACT  2600
e. [1][email address]  w. [2]pmc.gov.au


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respect to
the past,
present and
Elders and
of Country,
and the
of cultural,
practices of
and Torres


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Dear John Harris,

Holy crap the phone numbers match my DPMC FOI.

*kisses fingers* that's a nice efficiency dividend.

Did you just refer this to... yourself?

Is there anybody else in either DPMC or PMO that works in FOI or is it just you John?

did you put on another hat to write this email?

don't forget to turn the lights off on your way out tonight john.

This is farcical.

Acknowledged, let me know when you've finished talking to yourself about what you need to do and can process the FOI.


Yours sincerely,